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"Different degree of mosaicism: That is the percentage of cells in your body that have the extra chromosome. Even when they do a blood test and tell you that "100% of the cells are XXY", what they are saying is "100% of the cells from your blood that we tested have XXY". They may have missed some cells without an X chromosome, and they do not know if the cells in your brain, in your skin, in your gut etc. etc. have all XXY. The concept is that there are men with 100% XXY in all their cells, and some others that have a variable percentage."
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No New Posts in Forum Klinefelter Syndrome Information and Support
Share web links to other websites which offer Klinefelter Syndrome (XXY and variants) information and support.
116 264 What is Klinefelter Syndrome (English/Spanish)
Last post by petkasXXY on 04-10-15 01:50 PM
No New Posts in Forum National - Regional Support Groups Near You
Create links here to the Klinefelter XXY or Variants Support Groups and Organizations around the world and near you.
44 136 Support Group at Turkey
Last post by oya on 12-01-14 02:53 PM
No New Posts in Forum Key Links
1 6
03-04-15 05:49 AM
INTRODUCTION Topics Replies Last post
No New Posts in Forum Read Here First
Important information about XXYTalk.com and how to become a member.
32 77 Club XXY - Private forum of xxys
Last post by Andre on 03-02-14 12:47 PM
No New Posts in Forum Technical Support
Questions and answers about your free XXYTalk.com membership.
132 549 Subscribed topics
Last post by Paul on 06-17-14 02:26 AM
XXY UNIVERSITY - MAIN FORUMS Topics Replies Last post
No New Posts in Forum XXY - Klinefelter Syndrome Talk Forum
Main XXYTalk Forum for on-topic discussions and information sharing by members.
1401 20435
05-05-15 10:16 PM
No New Posts in Forum Polls
Our Polls are completely anonymous. Only you will know how you voted. Polls help each of us see how we compare with others like us on various issues relating to XXYdom. If the results are shown for you, it means you have already voted. You cannot vote more than once or edit your vote.
100 3254
05-02-15 12:47 PM
No New Posts in Forum Member Introductions and Bios
Members who post on XXYTalk: Please introduce yourself here as well as fill out your profile.
411 4283
05-04-15 07:44 PM
No New Posts in Forum Am I XXY?
You don't have a karyotype to determine what you are, but you have researched your situation and as best you can determine you think you are XXY. Are you sure? Let's discuss the probability.
296 4285
04-30-15 06:39 PM
No New Posts in Forum Ask Medical Questions
"Ask Medical Questions" is where members may obtain answers to specific questions about our XXY issues. The professionals are medically educated and trained professionals familiar with Klinefelter Syndrome / XXY issues.
208 1899
04-14-15 04:37 AM
No New Posts in Forum XXY Intersex Forum
Intersex is a catchall for anyone that feels they are fluid in gender, or between masculine and feminine.
228 4255
04-30-15 07:31 AM
No New Posts in Forum Physician and Surgeon Database
Members can post recommendations of good experience with physicians and surgeons who have treated and monitored their Klinefelter Syndrome condition well.
35 165
12-23-14 07:11 PM
No New Posts in Forum Methods and Results
Here we can discuss our methods and results of medical treatment such as injections, applying gel, etc., maintaining our levels, diet, exercise, etc.
276 4139
05-04-15 10:53 PM
No New Posts in Forum XXY Family Building Options
Infertility problems? There are alternatives: Adoption, donor sperm, and in some instances testicular sperm extraction coupled with invitro fertili-zation and "intracytoplasmic sperm insertion" (ICSI).
49 450
01-09-15 07:14 PM
No New Posts in Forum Parents and Childrens' Forum
A forum for parents of the Klinefelter Syndrome, XXY, or Variants child. Here you can discuss issues with other parents facing similar situations such as yourself. Attach a photo of your child to your message, if you wish.
228 2787
04-09-15 05:18 PM
No New Posts in Forum Research and Documents
Members can post info herein about Klinefelter Syndrome (XXY and variants) treatments, research, findings, new drugs, etc.
344 3019
03-08-15 05:41 PM
No New Posts in Forum Announcements and Upcoming Meetings / Events
Announce your Klinefelter Syndrome / XXY organization or group's upcoming meetings and conferences in this forum.
30 369
04-12-15 08:58 AM
No New Posts in Forum Klinefelter Syndrome Awareness Week
March 14-20, 2010 is Klinefelter's Syndrome Awareness Week. Help us promote this week around the world. Share ideas and strategy here.
6 92
06-16-14 05:28 PM
SUPPORT GROUPS Topics Replies Last post
No New Posts in Forum European Klinefelter Syndrome Support Group
This forum covers all European countries. Here is where you can start looking for local support.
36 493
04-26-15 03:53 PM
No New Posts in Forum Australia & New Zealand XXY Support Group
A support group for those in Australia and New Zealand.
38 275
12-31-13 05:18 AM
OFF TOPIC Topics Replies Last post
No New Posts in Gallery Members' Picture Gallery
Post your favorite picture of people, pets, or things. Afterwards, you can obtain the address properties and then embed the images into your posts in other sections of XXYTalk.com.
86 951
03-02-15 05:06 PM
No New Posts in Forum Miscellaneous Off Topic
This forum is for anything off topic you wish to share, discuss, complain or praise about. However, read the Forum Guidelines as certain topics are subject to deletion.
737 6144
05-04-15 05:00 AM
No New Posts in Forum Wit and Humor
Lighten up here!
660 1943
04-07-15 05:44 PM
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