International Support Forums for 47XXY, including Klinefelter Syndrome & variants

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XXYTalk International Forums

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Posted on: 07-01-09 03:54 AM     Posted by: Paul

Welcome to XXYTalk!

This is an International Support Forum for 47xxy, Klinefelter's Syndrome and associated conditions.

We are a family of the X: XXY persons, their partners, parents of XXYs and mothers-to-be. Guests who are curious about XXY are also welcome.

Please take a moment and fill out your profile (under My XXYTalk, upper left). If you have a confirmed XXY diagnosis note it in your bio. No matter what you write about yourself in the profile, you are as anonymous as you want to be. So don't be shy.

The board is divided into topical forums and there is an appropriate section for whatever your interest is.

People may read your profile but they may not write to you about it. Please use the Forums to engage people in conversation.

XXY persons with confirmed diagnosis: after you have filled out your profile, please take a moment to answer a survey titled "XXYs only - what do you do for a living?" - this is our XXY wall of pride and we would be pleased to have a contribution from every XXY person.

Mothers-to-be: if you are struggling with a decision whether to continue your pregnancy, please give us a chance to tell you what we know about XXY. Our information comes of research and first hand experience, and may be quite different from what a doctor or geneticist has told you.

If you are a person who suspects they are XXY but hasn't been to a doctor about it, post about yourself in the forum titled "Am I XXY?" Do note that we are not doctors, we cannot diagnose or give medical advice, please don't expect us to.

The only way to confirm if you have the condition is to get the genetic test done.

If you haven't used a bulletin board system before this will be a new experience. There are lots of tips and tricks under the "Information" forums. And don't hesitate to ask for help.

We curious to know how you found us. Could you send Paul a Private Topic message and let him know?

Remember that you must be 16 years of age to register at this forum as a member, that you should not replace medical advice with anything you read at this forum and that as an offshoot of a UK Charity we do not discriminate against any minority as specified in the UK Equality Act of 2010.

This site is an offshoot of a UK Charity which funds the web hosting etc. more details can be found at www.ksa-uk.net

Again, welcome to the board!

the moderators

April 2018
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"I don't have any limitations on what I think I could do or be."
~ Oprah Winfrey
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